‘Worthy of the Temple’: Liturgical Music and Theological Faith

Nova et Vetera, Fall 2005 (Vol. 3, No. 4)

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Fall 2005 Vol. 3, No. 4

ISSN 1542-7315

Dignity, Diversity, and Complementarity: The Lay Faithful in the Ecclesiology of Pope John Paul II – Anthony A. Akinwale, O.P.
‘Worthy of the Temple’: Liturgical Music and Theological Faith – Rev. Jonathan Gaspar & Romanus Cessario, O.P.
Is the Moral Species of Craniotomy a Direct Killing or a Saving of Life? – Basil Cole, O.P.
The Eucharistic Context of ‘The Breaking of the Bread’ in Luke-Acts: A Catholic View – Steven Dunn
Known in the Breaking of Bread: A Protestant View – James Carlson
Thomas Aquinas and the Need for a Contemporary Theological Cosmology – Michael A. Hoonhout
Tristitia et Dolor: Does Aquinas Have a Robust Understanding of Depression? – Stephen Loughlin
Spousal Love in the Medieval Rite of Marriage – F. Stan Parmisano, O.P.
The ‘Dark Knowledge of God’ and Our Worship of the Divine Mystery – Gregory P. Rocca, O.P.
The Baptismal Catechumenate as Model for Catechesis – Pamela Jackson

Book Reviews
Aquinas on Doctrine: A Critical Introduction edited by Thomas F. Weinandy, Daniel Keating, and John Yocum – Jörgen Vijgen
A Biblical History of Israel by Iain Provan,V. Philips Long, and Tremper Longman III – Andrew Hayes
A Philosophy of Hope: Josef Pieper and the Contemporary Debate on Hope by Bernard Schumacher, translated by D.C. Schindler – Guy Mansini, OSB
Voegelin, Schelling, and the Philosophy of Historical Existence by Jerry Day – Grant Kaplan
Littérature et théologie: Une saison en enfer, volume 1 of Thomas d’Aquin poète théologien by Olivier-Thomas Venard, OP – Gilles Mongeau, SJ
Walking in the Light: Perspectives for Moral Theology Ten Years after Veritatis Splendor (Camminare nella luce. Prospettive della teologia morale a partire da Veritatis Splendor) edited by L. Melina and J. Noriega – José Granados, DCJM

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