Month: July 2018

John’s Revelation: Toward the Everlasting City

In the Book of Revelation, John’s spectacular visions of renewal can provide joyful reassurance in times of crisis and upheaval. But neither does he lack any of the somber realism of Isaiah’s watchman who reminds us that “morning comes, and also the night” (Is 21:12).

What Makes a Great Theologian?

“Most philosophers as a rule are eager to establish their own reputations, but Thomas strove to efface himself completely in the teaching of his philosophy so that the light of heavenly truth might shine with its own effulgence.” —Pope Pius XI, Studiorum Ducem St. Thomas Aquinas is known most for his intellect and prolific writing. His theological treatises continue …

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The Difference Between Prayer and the Spiritual Life

The terms “prayer” and “spiritual life” refer to subtly different things but they are inclusive of one another and mutually dependent. Where you are in your spiritual life will impact your prayer. Correspondingly, one is dependent upon prayer to maintain and advance in one’s spiritual union with God.