Month: September 2018

The Problem of Evil

One of the main objections to the existence of God is the presence of evil in the world. Fr. Andrew Younan addresses this objection by considering it objectively.

Why We Can’t Decide: Understanding the Vocations Crisis

Luke Burgis and Josh Miller explain that there are three currents in today’s culture contributing to the crisis of vocations. If we don’t understand these currents, it’s easy to be caught in the riptide. But if we understand the problems facing our culture, we can better understand the vocations crisis and help cultivate each person’s unique calling.

Cardinal Newman Award Dinner Honoring the Rev. George W. Rutler

Thank you to all who joined us in honoring Fr. George W. Rutler at our first annual Cardinal Newman Award Dinner on September 6, 2018. Held at the beautiful Union League Club of New York City, the dinner was at full capacity as friends and supporters traveled from as far as Florida and Texas to show their appreciation for Fr. Rutler’s outstanding contribution to the Church.

How the Choir Converted the World. music, children singing, Mike Aquilina

It’s Time to Save the World Again

Music saved the world. That doesn’t mean that scholars, theologians, and saints didn’t play a role, but it wasn’t logical arguments that touched the hearts of millions. It was music that took hold of hearts and minds and helped spread the Gospel.

The Healing Imperative, Modern Medicine, Mike Aquilina

What Would Jesus Say About Modern Medicine?

In the world of the pagan Roman empire, illness was viewed as an evil. Sick children were left on the dung heaps to die and the physically impaired were thrown to the streets. Pagan philosophers considered it a disgrace to serve the poor and advocated that beggars be driven out to die.

The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages, Scott Hahn, Nicene Creed,

Why We Have a Creed

We profess it every week at Mass: the creed. It can often feel like a sixty-second test of memory, but Christians for millennia have lived and died to profess it. In the creed, we proclaim some of the most profound truths of the Faith: God’s fatherhood, Jesus’ divine sonship, the Holy Spirit’s divinity, the Church’s mission.