Month: September 2018

Mystical Body of Christ,Body of Christ, Catholic Church, outside the Church there is no salvation

The Body of Christ is a Literal Reality in the Church

The Second Vatican Council affirmed that the Holy Spirit can use non-Catholic traditions for the salvation of their members. If in ignorance of the whole truth of the Church these persons serve God as best they can, they can be saved. The Church also teaches that non-Christians can be saved if they strive to serve God with faith on the basis of the best information they have of Him.

Christ Is Still Present in the Church

“Even the saints are tainted by daily sins,” Augustine tells us. “The whole Church cries: ‘Forgive us our sins!’ She is, therefore, blemished and wrinkled (Eph. 5:27). But through contrition these blemishes are removed, these wrinkles smoothed away. The Church’s unceasing prayer is one of contrition that she may be made pure. And so it will remain until the end of time.”