Month: May 2019

Scott Hahn in Birmingham, AL

Don’t miss Scott Hahn and the St. Paul Center at the Samford University Wright Center this September for a free evening presentation. Go deeper into the riches of our Catholic faith—study Scripture with one of the Church’s most renowned biblical scholars!

Southwest Bible Conference

Join us in Phoenix this November for the Southwest Bible Conference. This year’s theme is Unlocking the Treasure: Discipleship on the Road to Emmaus. Don’t miss this unique chance to study Scripture from the heart of the Church with Scott Hahn and John Bergsma, two renowned leaders in Catholic Scripture study. Learn to encounter Christ in Scripture and accept the challenge of following him in discipleship.

Morality: More Than Just “No”

Is Catholic moral teaching one big “No?”

Many people think so. They hear the Church saying no to premarital sex, no to abortion, no to same-sex marriage, no to unjust wages, no to drunkenness—in short, no to many of the things they want to do—and assume that the Church exists as some kind of moral traffic cop. They think of her, in effect, as the Fun Police, as someone who’s there to make sure nobody enjoys themselves too much.

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An Introduction to the Sacraments

All throughout the day we are surrounded by words. We talk with friends at school, we write text messages to friends elsewhere, we listen to the radio in the car, we watch television at home, we read books at night. Words help us share our thoughts, feelings, and desires with others; they help us understand the thoughts, feelings, and desires of others as well. Scientists estimate that the average person speaks about ten to fifteen thousand words per day. That’s enough to fill fifty books per year!