Month: October 2020

Lift Up Your Hearts Virtual Conference

For all priests unable to attend a retreat in person this year, Lift Up Your Hearts is a great alternative. Featuring the same content as the January Priest Conference, you’ll get the same theological and Scriptural formation and spiritual refreshment you would attending in person, and at an incredible discount.

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Scripture Is a Love Letter: How to Read It

The Bible, which once seemed to me a collection of loosely related stories, actually fits together to tell a divine love story—an unmatched masterpiece telling the tale of God’s inexhaustible love for His children. The Good Book is really our family history book, telling us how our beloved Father, throughout all of history, has sought to save the lost and unite His family forever in their heavenly home.  

Kimberly Hahn’s New Ministry for Women

Kimberly Hahn has spent decades sharing her personal experiences and the inspired wisdom of Scripture with women striving to live out their call to be daughters of God. Now, she’s bringing this wisdom to light for women in all walks of life with her new ministry, Beloved and Blessed.

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Is Satan a Myth?

Belief in the existence and activity of angels and demons is a common religious fact within many cultural traditions. At the same time, there are many people who reject the notion of angelic creatures and believe the existence of angels and demons, along with exorcism and demonic possession, comes out of a primitive, superstitious worldview, as a relic from the time of Christ, a throwback to the Middle Ages, or to a time when mental health issues were not well understood.