Month: June 2021

Emily Stimpson Chapman, Letters to Myself

How Do We Love Our Enemies?

How can you bring yourself to love your enemies? That’s what you’re wondering, right? How can you want to love someone who doesn’t love you? Who, in fact, hates you? Who wants to hurt you or oppress you or destroy you? Or who wants to hurt, oppress, or destroy others? The easy answer is grace.

Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn Italy Pilgrimage with 206 Tours

Join world renowned theologian, Dr. Scott Hahn, Ph.D. of the St. Paul Center and Franciscan University of Steubenville & Kimberly Hahn, on an exclusive Pilgrimage to Italy! Enjoy spiritual lectures from Dr. Hahn, connect with fellow Pilgrims, and celebrate Mass daily with Fr. Dennis Gang, T.O.R., who will be available for reconciliation and Spiritual Direction. Enjoy seven (7) nights in Rome with the luxury of only having to unpack once! Explore the eternal city and all the marvels Rome has to offer, experience a Papal Audience, make day trips to the Umbrian countryside and Assisi, and visit Castel Gandolfo, the Apostolic Palace and Papal Summer Residence. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, art & cuisine of Italy on this Catholic Pilgrimage.

decline and fall of sacred scripture, Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker

Don’t Fall for Politicizing the Bible

Why should anyone worry about the history of Scripture scholarship, especially reaching all the way back to the early fourteenth century?  

The simple answer is that our peculiar situation today—in which priests, preachers, and people in the pews study the Bible as the inspired Word of God and academic Scripture scholars in universities study the Bible as an ancient book of mythology—is the result of the history of Scripture scholarship. We are searching for the reasons for this Great Divide, and that means searching for its ultimate origins.