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School of Love book cover

Lessons from the School of Love: Cultivating a Christ-Centered Marriage
By Peter and Debra Herbeck
(Hardcover, a $20 Value)

Ask any married couple about the challenges of sharing life together and you’ll hear a litany of interpersonal issues. Communication, wounds, and hardships can weigh heavily on husbands and wives. Today, add the external pressures from living in a hostile, anti-Christian, anti-family culture. Without a firm foundation, couples can collapse under these difficulties. Lessons from the School of Love: Cultivating a Christ-Centered Marriage, fortify your marriage with encouragement and scriptural wisdom as you learn how to approach your spouse with the love and respect that will transform their heart—and your own!



For the Love of Mary
By Fr. Daniel-Maria Klimek, T.O.R.
(Hardcover, a $23 Value)

For the Love of Mary takes the reader on a spiritual journey of tender love that begins with the questions, “How do I fall in love with Mary, the mother of Jesus and my spiritual mother? How do I cultivate a deeper, more intimate and meaningful relationship with her, inviting her into my spiritual life?” Fr. Daniel-Maria Klimek, T.O.R., presents a path of deep spiritual intimacy with Mother Mary that includes practicing the “presence of Mary” in one’s life, consoling her Immaculate Heart through a spirituality of reparation, hearing her voice through her apparitions, and delving into a greater understanding of her sufferings as Mother of Sorrows.

The Worst of Indignities

The Worst of Indignities: The Catholic Church on Slavery
By Paul Kengor
(Hardcover, an $30 Value)

Many Americans think of slavery as their nation’s original sin. Slavery is as old as human history itself. In The Worst of Indignities: The Catholic Church on Slavery, bestselling author Paul Kengor shines a light on: The record and biblical roots of the Church’s teaching against slavery, The efforts of individuals and institutions within the Church to not only bring about freedom for enslaved people but to care for their physical and spiritual needs, and The stories of former slaves whose lives of exemplary holiness have placed them on the path of sainthood.

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