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Word of the Lord-Feast

The Word of the Lord: Reflections on the Readings for Solemnities and Feasts
By Dr. John Bergsma
(Imitation Leather, a $35 Value)

In The Word of the Lord: Reflections on the Mass Readings for Solemnities and Feasts, biblical scholar Dr. John Bergsma provides commentary alongside each celebration’s readings. Whether you are a homilist seeking insight into the meaning of difficult scriptural passages or a Catholic desiring a deepened understanding of the readings you hear at Mass, The Word of the Lord serves as an invaluable guide.

How to Be Happy
How to Be Happy: St. Thomas's Secret to a Good Life
By Matt Fradd
(Paperback, a $14 Value)
Although just about every marketing firm, self-help guru, and man on the street has an answer, very few, if any, understand true happiness. It doesn’t come from power, pleasure, popularity, or possessions. So what is happiness and how do we find it? In How to Be Happy, Fradd relies on the help of St. Thomas Aquinas to show what will—and what won’t—bring us happiness in this life.
Through the Year with Mary

Through the Year with Mary
By Katherine Bogner                                                        (Hardcover, a $25 Value)

Through the Year with Mary brings together the Church’s traditions in one place and provides parents and children a year-long plan for coming to know and love the Mother of God through
-Weekly passages from Scripture, saints, and scholars
-Reflections to nurture your understanding of Marian teaching and devotion
-Beautiful Sacred art from around the world
-Marian prayers to teach you to grow closer to Jesus through Mary

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