Applied Biblical Studies Conference

From Wednesday, July 27 to Friday, July 29, we’ll move chapter by chapter through the book of Matthew, exploring topics such as the Evangelist’s depiction of the Kingdom, authority, the heavenly bridegroom and the end times. Talks include:

  • “Changing the World is an Inside Job”;
  • “Jesus’ Sacramental Miracles and the New Wine of the Bridegroom”;
  • “Davidic King, Divided Kingdom: Jesus’ Mission of Unity, Then and Now”;
  • “Boats, Fishing, Keys, and Rocks”;
  • “Jesus and the End of the World”;
  • “The Sacrifice and Authority of the Son”;
  • …and more.

As in years past, the ABS conference will also feature a special Journey ThroughScripture Presenters’ Training Track, which will equip all participants to lead St. Paul Center Bible studies in their parish. To register or learn more about the Applied Biblical Studies Conference and the extra Journey Through Scripture Presenters’ Training Track, contact Franciscan University’s Conference Office at 1-800-437-8368 or visit them online at