Applied Biblical Studies

The Book of Acts: How the Holy Spirit Leads the Church Through Hard Times

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 – Friday, July 28th 2017

This year we’ll kick off our 13th Annual Journey Through Scripture Presenter Training Track on Tuesday, July 25th. Come and learn to present our acclaimed Bible studies and become a dynamic part of the New Evangelization.

Join our veteran Journey Through Scripture presenters Kimberly Hahn, Rob Corzine, Matt Leonard, Joan Watson, Michael Barber, Curtis Mitch, and David Currie as they present three of our life-changing Bible studies in full: Genesis to Jesus, The Bible and Prayer, and The Bible and the Mass.

Directly following the final session your presenter will hold a practical training on how to conduct a Journey Through Scripture study. Learn how to launch and host a study in your home or parish. Click here to register.

The Applied Biblical Studies Conference will begin on July 26th and the Presenter Training Track will continue simultaneously throughout the day.

This year we’ll focus on “The Book of Acts: How the Holy Spirit Leads the Church Through Hard Times.” Since Her birth, the Church has experienced constant trials and attacks from the World. Attend the Applied Biblical Studies Conference and discover how our God is victorious even when it seems the forces of evil are winning.

Those talks will include:

“The Church as Kingdom: An Overview of the Book of Acts”

“Resurrecting the Kingdom of Israel: Ascension and Pentecost (Acts 1-2)”

“What God has Cleansed: Peter, Paul, and the First Church Council”

“The Witness of Suffering: Lessons from Paul’s Missionary Journeys in Acts”

“The Apostolic Model of Charity in Acts 4: Is this What is Demanded of Us”

“Take it From the Apostles: How to Share the Gospel to a Secular World”

And more!

Other featured speakers at this year’s Applied Biblical Studies Conference, include: Fr. Bill Kurz, Matt Leonard, Curtis Mitch, and Mark Hart.

The Applied Biblical Studies Conference officially ends at lunchtime on Friday, July 28th, but participants are encouraged to stay on campus for the Early Bird Sessions of the Defending the Faith Conference. Find out more about Defending the Faith here.

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