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An Act of Love by God!

“The point of the first three chapters of Genesis is to show us that creation was a deliberate, purposeful act of love by God. The world didn’t just happen. God wanted the world - not because He was lonely, not because there was anything He lacked or needed.

God created the world because God is love (see 1 John 4:16). And love is creative, self-giving and life-giving.

God made the world as a pure gift of His love. He created the world as His home, a sort of cosmic temple in which the heavens are the ceiling and the earth - with all its vast continents, rivers, oceans, mountain ranges and the like - is the floor. The world is made to be a temple where He will dwell with the descendants of the man and woman, the crown jewel, of His creation.”
~ An excerpt from Covenant Love one of our Free online Bible studies.

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