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Drinking Deeply Made Easy

Posted on November 14, 2008

Dr. Mary Healy and Dr. Peter Williamson, both Senior Fellows of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, are co-editors for a new series of 17 volumes of commentary on the books of the New Testament. Titled Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, this series seeks to promote biblical literacy and encourage deeper spirituality through the Bible. “There is a weariness and boredom with the Catholic faith that comes with not drinking deeply of the Word on a regular basis. Our...

Scripture and Liturgy in Heaven…and England

Posted on November 06, 2008

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology founder and President Dr. Scott Hahn and Distinguished Fellow Dr. Michael Waldstein recently participated in Scripture and Liturgy in the Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, a one day congress held at historic Oxford University in England. This was the first event co-sponsored by the St. Paul Center and The Center for Faith and Culture at Oxford. It included talks by Fr. Aidan Nichols and Dr. Adrian Walker.

The conference focused upon...

A Day Late and a Decade Short

Posted on November 02, 2008

The month of the Rosary just came to a close, and I find myself up late, remembering that I’ve wanted to post links to some very good things.

Maureen, our faithful guide to things Celtic and patristic, provided excerpts of Pope Benedict’s recent words on the Rosary.

Meanwhile, in the world of paper and ink, a lovely new book appeared by my friend Gary Jansen: The Rosary: A Journey to the Beloved. It’...