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Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 4

Posted on May 31, 2011

To Jerusalem, Solemn Entry


Summer Vocation

Posted on May 26, 2011

For so many people in my part of the world, June is a time to kick back and relax. School’s out. Summer vacation begins. Americans dust off their lawnchairs and string up their hammocks.

For us at the St. Paul Center, June has always been the busiest month of the year — and for good reason. When Catholics find themselves with a little bit of free time, we want to give them ample opportunities to...

Applied Biblical Studies Conference

Posted on May 25, 2011

From Wednesday, July 27 to Friday, July 29, we’ll move chapter by chapter through the book of Matthew, exploring topics such as the Evangelist’s depiction of the Kingdom, authority, the heavenly bridegroom and the end times. Talks include:

“Changing the World is an Inside Job”; “Jesus’ Sacramental Miracles and the New Wine of the Bridegroom”; “Davidic King, Divided Kingdom: Jesus’ Mission of Unity, Then and Now”; “Boats,...

What Are We to Do?: Reflections on the 4th Sunday of Easter

Posted on May 13, 2011

Easter’s empty tomb is a call to conversion.

By this tomb, we should know for certain that God has made Jesus both Lord and Messiah, as Peter preaches in today’s First Reading.

He is the “Lord,” the divine Son that David foresaw at God’s right hand (see Psalms 110:1,3; 132:10-11;Acts 2:34). And He is the Messiah that God had promised to shepherd the scattered flock of...

Emmaus and Us: Reflections on the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Posted on May 06, 2011

We should put ourselves in the shoes of the disciples in today’s Gospel. Downcast and confused they’re making their way down the road, unable to understand all the things that have occurred.

They know what they’ve seen - a prophet mighty in word and deed. They know what they were hoping for - that He would be the redeemer of Israel. But they don’t know what to make of...