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Find Hope in Christ

As Advent comes to a close, claim the peace and hope that Christ offers us at Christmas. The Christ Child gives us special grace to grow in hope—that theological virtue which allows us to look toward heaven as our ultimate goal—but if you’re finding it difficult to accept that hope this year, you’re not alone.

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Jesus and the Celibate Priesthood

In this talk, delivered to around two hundred Catholic priests at the St. Paul Center’s Living Sacrifice conference, Dr. Brant Pitre examines the biblical evidence for the Church’s claim that Jesus instituted a celibate ministerial priesthood. At the time of the Reformation, the founders of Protestantism rejected the idea that Jesus founded a ministerial priesthood

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Jesus and the Mysteries

Title Speaker Duration What do We Mean by Mysteries? Dr. Scott Hahn 1:08:38 Sonship, Testing and Fear of the Lord Dr. R.R. Reno 1:17:25 Jesus and the Mystery of the Temple Dr. Brant Pitre 1:16:35 Baptism, Sonship and Salvation Dr. Dan Keating 1:15:32 Banquet, Sacrifice and Real Presence Fr. Robert Barron 1:07:28

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