After I sign up, how do I access the Exodus & Exile Challenge videos?

After signing up, you’ll have access to both John Bergsma’s daily reflection videos and Scott Hahn’s weekly talks in your Library. New videos will appear every morning, and you’ll receive a daily email reminder, as well.


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Is Exodus & Exile really free?

Yes, for all of Lent, there is no cost to joining the Exodus & Exile Lenten Challenge. You will be receiving a Lent-long free trial of our all-access Gold Membership, which is usually $25 per month. Following Lent (on April 8), we ask for $25 of support per month to continue your all-access status, but you can cancel anytime before April 8, and you won’t be charged anything. Free!

If this is free, why do I have to enter my credit card information?

In order to give you free access to all of the St. Paul Center’s digital content, we have to make you a member, which includes having your contact and credit card information in our system. As long as you cancel before April 8, you will not be charged as a continuing supporter, although we hope by the end of this Challenge you’ll want to continue!

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How long are the daily and weekly videos?

John Bergsma’s daily reflection videos are approximately ten minutes long, while you can expect Scott Hahn’s weekly talks to be around 30 minutes in length.

What if I miss a day of the Exodus & Exile Challenge?

That’s okay! The challenges are there to help you to grow in your relationship with our Lord this Lent. We are not keeping score. You can always catch up and watch the videos on your time!

I want to continue my all-access Gold Membership – do I have to do anything further?

Thank you so much for your continued support of the St. Paul Center! If you want to continue supporting the St. Paul Center, your credit card will be charged $25/month (plus tax), and you will retain your access to all our life-transforming content, including Emmaus Academy, Word of the Lord, Journey Through Scripture and more!

I want to continue my Gold Membership, but I want to make my payment annually. Can I do this?

Yes! We’re happy you want to continue your Gold Membership. First, log in to your account. Then, go to My Account > Subscriptions and click VIEW to see your Gold Membership. Click UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE. Choose the Annual Gold Membership for $270. You’ll be saving $30 by signing up for the annual!

I’m already a Silver or Gold Member. Can I participate?

Thank you for support! If you’re a Gold Member, you already have full access to Exodus & Exile. If you’d like to receive our daily email reminders, log into your account and then .

If you’re a Silver Member, log into your account and then click here to upgrade to a monthly Gold membership, and use the coupon code exodus2024 at checkout. At the end of the challenge, your membership will renew at the Gold Membership monthly rate of $25. We hope you’ll want to continue as a Gold-level supporter, but if not, you can downgrade before April 8 to return to the Silver level.