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I want to help you call people to union with Christ and His Church.

Just for responding, I’d like to receive a free CD of Fr. Meconi’s talk on Christ Alive in Me.

Letters to Myself from the End of the World
By Emily Stimpson Chapman
(Paperback, a $20 Value)

If you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell her? If you could equip her for the challenges she would face today, with the Church plagued by scandal and the culture on the verge of collapse, what would you say? In Letters to Myself from the End of the World, Emily Stimpson Chapman answers those questions, weaving Catholic theology, biblical wisdom, and her own life experience into forty-five “letters” to her twenty-five-year-old self.




Friendship and the Fathers: How the Early Church Evangelized
By Mike Aquilina
(Hardcover, a $23 Value)
For the Church Fathers, friendship was at the heart of the Gospel. It was the way to salvation and the most effective means of evangelization. Jesus had called his Apostles friends. The first Christians, in turn, spread salvation through friendships of their own. Evangelizing the world was done through one friend bringing another into the Church.
Friendship and the Fathers brings together, for the first time, the Fathers’ doctrine and stories of friendship—mostly in their own words. You’ll meet many giants of the early Church.




Christ Alive in Me: Living as a Member of the Mystical Body
By Father David Vincent Meconi, S.J. (Hardcover, a $23 Value)

Giving God permission to dwell within us, thereby transforming us into another incarnate son or daughter, has been at the heart of the Christian Gospel for millennia. It is not just one theological doctrine among many; it is the ultimate goal of the entire Christian life. The only goal in God’s becoming human is to continue his life in ours. Fr. David Meconi, S.J., explains the theology of Christian deification, which is also the theology of the Mystical Body of Christ.

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