Fr. Peter H. Davids

He is the translator (from German) of Reinhard Feldmeier, 1 Peter (Baylor, 2008). He has also been part of several Bible translations projects (including The New Living Translation, The Voice, and The Common English Bible).

He has been elected to membership in Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, and has twice been chosen chair or co-chair of the section covering the General Epistles in the Society of Biblical Literature.

Fr. Davids is currently serving as chaplain to the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist at Our Lady of Guadalupe Priory in Georgetown, TX. From 2014-2018 he was the Director of Clergy Formation for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter and Priest-in-Residence at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham. Before being received into the Catholic Church and ordained in 2014, Fr. Davids served, among other places, as Visiting Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University, Professor of Biblical Theology at St. Stephen’s University (St. Stephen, New Brunswick), New Testament faculty of the Institut für Gemeindebau und Weltmission in Zurich, Dean of the International MA Program at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (Osijek, Croatia), Director of Studies, Schloss Mittersill Study Centre (Mittersill, Austria), Visiting Professor of New Testament at Regent College (Vancouver), Professor of Biblical Studies and New Testament at Canadian Theological Seminary, founing faculty and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry (Ambridge, PA), and as Theologischer Lehrer at Bibelschule Wiedenest (Berneustadt, Germany). He has also had numerous shorter lectureships and has pastored several congregations on a full or part-time basis (concurrent with his teaching involvement), as well as having been a speaker at numerous church conferences and training events around the world. An ordained minister, he continues to preach, teach and lead worship on a regular basis, as well as serve as a theological advisor to multiple denominations.

His hobbies include jogging and computers, but he is especially interested in his wife, three children, and seven grandchildren.

Curriculum Vitae

Born November 22, 1947, in Syracuse, New York. Moved in 1959 to Lynchburg, Virginia.
Married Judith Lee Bouchillon of Houston, Texas, on August 19, 1967. We have three living children: Elaine Marie Unrau (1970), Gwenda Lee Bilsky (1973) and Ian Hugh Davids (1980) and nine grandchildren. Elizabeth Jane Davids (3/1978 – 4/1978) died of SIDS.
Citizenship: USA , Canada, and United Kingdom

Victoria University of Manchester, Manchester, England. 1971 1974. MA.Theol. examinations passed in June, 1972. Ph.D. awarded in July, 1974. Thesis: Themes in the Epistle of James that are Judaistic in Character.  Supervisor: The Rev. Canon Dr. Stephen S. Smalley.
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL. 1968 1971. M.Div. in June, 1971, summa cum laude. Included advanced work in biblical studies and most of the course work for a M.A. in counseling, including an internship on a psychiatric ward.
Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. 1965 1968. A.B. in June, 1968, with highest honors, in psychology (minor in Bible, including both Greek and Hebrew).

Other professional education:
Post-Graduate Seminar in Family Emotional Process, Level I and II, a two year study of Bowenian family emotional system theory and its application to church and work systems at the Center for Family Process (started by Edwin Friedman), Bethesda, MD (2005-2007).
Caretakers I and II, a two year clinical counseling training program of Burnaby Christian Counselling Group (1988 1989, 1993-1994). Year one focused on individual counseling and year two on marriage and family. Previous to this were seminars in marriage counseling (Skilled Marriage Helper) and cognitive behavior therapy (Informed Helper).
US Army Chaplain School, Officer Basic (1971) and Officer Advanced (1975) courses.
Other educational experiences include several seminars in church growth, church management, church leadership and counseling and also seminars sponsored by the Association of Theological Schools.

Employment experience in Biblical Studies:
Visiting Professor in Christianity, now Visiting Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist Unviersity, Houston, Texas, 2011 – . Position involves teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses with a ¾ load, primarily teaching in the fields of biblical studies and spiritual formation (including pastoral care). Greek was in the course load until it was put in a separate department. Houston Baptist University is a very diverse student body, both ethnicly and religiously, 9th most diverse in the USA.
Professor of Biblical Theology, St. Stephen’s University, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, 2006 – 2011. This position started as a faith-based non-stipendiary post involving full-time teaching of core biblical theology courses to Master of Ministry students, as well as teaching Teaching of Jesus, Theology of Paul, and Hermeneutics of Apocalyptic to moduler M.Min. students. It evolved to include full-time stipendiary undergraduate teaching in biblical studies, ancient history, and world religions as well as continued teaching of the modular M.Min. students. The position ended when (1) the residential Master of Ministry program collapsed due to lack of students and (2) I took a one year unpaid sabbatical 2010 – 2011 as a voluntary contribution to a severe lack of funds in the university.

Visiting Professor of Biblical Studies and Practical Theology, now Visiting Professor of Bible and Applied Theology, Houston Graduate School of Theology, Houston, Texas, 2005 – 2006, 2011 – . This post involves teaching various masters and D.Min. students New Testament and leadership formation subjects.

Visiting Professor, St. Stephen’s University, St Stephen, New Brunswick, 2004 – 2006. Included teaching in the Master of Ministry program in both New Testament and leadership formation.

Adjunct Professor, Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas, 2003 – 2006,  winter term 2011. Included teaching in both New Testament and Christian spirituality on the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Adjunct Professor, New Testament, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoevedorp, the Netherlands. 1997 – 2004. Teaching core New Testament courses for the M.Div. program on an intensive basis once or twice per year, as well as advising the institution on New Testament matters. This was a non-stipediary missions-supported position (as is true of all of their faculty).

New Testament faculty, Institut für Gemeindebau und Weltmission, Zurich (an affiliate, first of Luther Rice University and presently of the University of South Africa), 2000 – 2010. This position, as is true of all IGW faculty, was a part-time teaching position requiring the presentation of intensive courses (24 contact hours over 3 days) at the Zurich campus once or so per year, and the supervision of theses via the internet.

New Testament faculty, International MA Program, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek, Croatia. 1997- 2002. Dean, 1997-1998. The deanship was a one-year appointment to assist ETS in establishing a MA program in conjunction with the Oxford Centre for Missions Studies and the University of Leeds. Both during and after the deanship teaching involvement included teaching of core modules, thesis supervision, second reading New Testament projects in all programs of the institution, as well as teaching in the internal MA Program. This was a project under the auspicies of the Schloos Mittersill Study Centre, although it continued beyond the term of service with Schloss Mittersill.

Director of Studies, Schloss Mittersill Study Centre, Mittersill, Austria. 1996-1999. Duties include teaching of graduate students (largely from Central and Eastern European due to the focus of the Study Centre), academic administration (especially curriculum planning), and contact with the German-speaking church. The main goal of the Study Centre was to assist in the rebuilding of theological education in Central and Eastern Europe after the collapse of the communist regeims. This appointment was for a single 3-year missions-supported term.

Visiting Lecturer/ Sessional Lecturer, New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C. Included the thesis supervision (1991-1996) and teaching (1992-1996) previously conducted under the adjunct professor title. During the spring, 1995, term, and again in spring 1996, this was a full-time appointment.

Researcher and Theological Teacher, Vineyard Pacific Community, Langley, BC, Canada. 1991   1995. Designing and providing an integrated theological education course for pastors and key leaders (Basic Theological Education) and providing continuing education for members of the same group who did not need the foundational courses, as well as writing training materials, position papers, and scholarly articles. This work ended when the sponsoring organization was dissolved.

Associate Professor and then Professor of Biblical Studies and New Testament, Canadian Theological Seminary, Regina, Sask., Canada. 1989 – 1991. This included teaching the whole New and Old Testament curricula for a term and thereafter teaching the whole New Testament curriculum and editing the institution’s journal, as well as teaching spirituality courses in the D.Min. program.
Instructor in New Testament, Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C., Canada. 1988, 1992. One term sessional appointments parallel to other full-time work.

Adjunct Professor, New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. 1984 1989. Teaching ranged from full-time to as little as three courses per year. During that period at Regent College an adjunct professor was a full member of faculty but (in theory) with part-time teaching duties. Duties included serving on a curriculum revision committee for the upcoming accreditation visit by ATS.

Visiting Professor of New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  1983 1984.

Visiting Professor of New Testament, New College for Advanced Christian Studies, Berkeley, CA. 1982 1983. Duties included serving on a curriculum revision committee for an upcoming accreditation application, as well as teaching two courses per term. This was a sabbatical appointment enabling my wife to earn a M.C.S. from New College.

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA. 1980 1983. Registrar, 1981 1982. As registrar this included representing the institution at some conferences of the Association of Theological Schools. The basic duties were teaching the whole New Testament curriculum as well as being the priest-in-charge of starting an evening congregation in the chapel (which would later become an independent Episcopal congregation).

Visiting Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL. 1979. Sabbatical replacement appointment in which two New Testament courses were taught on a weekly basis, back to back, during the winter quarter while continuing full-time duties at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry Mon-Wed and Fri.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA, 1976 1980. As a founding faculty member, this initially included teaching both Old and New Testament and developing the biblical studies curriculum for the institution as well as advising on the rest of the curriculum. It also included building good relationships with the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, including ordination as deacon and priest in 1979.

Theological lecturer (Theologischer Lehrer), Bibelschule Wiedenest, Bergneustadt, Germany.  1974 1976. Duties included teaching a variety of Old and New Testament courses (in German – I was the only non-German faculty member in the history of the institution). The institution now has Hochschule status in Germany.
Further short courses and lectureships taught at Tung Fook Bible College, Hong Kong (2009), Biblijne Seminarium Teologiczne, Wroclaw (1997), Rocky Mountain College (1996), Ontario Theological Seminary (1992), Asian Theological Seminary, Manila (1991), Alliance Theological Seminary, Manila (1991), Malaysian Biblical Seminary (1987), and Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore (1987).

Other relevant employment:
Assiting priest, All Saints Episcopal Church, Stafford, TX. 2012 – 2014. Duties included assisting every Sunday I was present, preaching and celebrating monthly, and being the supply priest in the parish when the rector was absent and also in other parishes in our general area.

Interim Priest-in-charge, The Anglican Parish of Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada. October 1, 2009 – Dec 31, 2010. Also served as supply priest June and July, 2011 and during a number of periods prious to 2009. Duties included full parish responsibility, although living 1 hour away on the mainland. This was “interim” to allow the Bishop of Fredericton to use my services without formally transferring me into the diocese.

Interim Rector, Anglican Parish of St. Stephen, St. Stephen, NB, Canada, July 2, 2007 – Jan 14, 2008. While this was my home parish, it was a true interimship bridging the search process for a new rector.

Honorary Assistant, All Saints Episcopal Church, Stafford, TX. 2004 – 2006. Included replacing the vicar during his sabbatical. Also included being supply priest in our area of the Diocese of Texas, including sabbatical replacement for the rector of another parish.

Theological Advisor/ Educational Missionary, International Teams. 1999 – 2002. Giving biblical-theological input to the leadership of this missionary organization, teaching for various projects of the organization, and teaching in institutions focused on rebuilding theological education in Central and Eastern Europe..

Theological Advisor and Trainer, Leiterteam Mitglied, AVC DACH (European German-speaking Vineyard Christian Fellowships). 1999 -. Pastoral training and theological advising of pastors and the leader of this movement. Originally done from a base in Innsbruck, Austria, it continued after returning to the USA in 2002 – 2012. AVC DACH is a trans-denominatinal renewal movement, including Reformed, Catholic, and Free Church communities within the movement.

Instructor, Pacific Worship School, Langley, B.C. 1994-1996. Taught Biblical Expressions of Worship and History of Christian Worship and advised on institutional development in this school for training contemporary worship leaders.

Honorary Assistant, St. Andrews Anglican Church, Langley, BC, 1993-1996. Included replacing the rector during his sabbatical and regular preaching and celebrating.

Honorary Assistant, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Regina, Sask. 1989-1991. Weekly preaching or liturgical leadership (if I preached, the rector celebrated and vice versa), membership on the vestry, pastoral care, and advising the rector.

Honorary Assistant, St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Burquitlam, BC, 1983 – 1989. Duties included montly or more often preaching and celebrating at the 8 AM Eucharist and serving as supply priest during the rector’s holidays.

Teaching Elder, Austin Avenue Chapel, Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, 1983 1989. Senior staff person of a progressive Plymouth Brethren church, including supervising other staff and working 4/5 to 1/2 time (with the understanding that the remaining time at my disposal was being used by Regent College and other professional activities in biblical studies; my wife served the other ½ time doing pastoral care and counseling). Duties were basically teaching; it was accepted that I also served at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church.

Chaplain, US Army Reserve, 1969 1975. Other than chaplain school, all active duty was done on regular US Army bases in Germany.

Church affiliations:

Received into the Roman Catholic Church Feb 16, 2014 at Our Lady of Walsingham, Houston. Rescript was signed by Pope Francis on Oct 31, 2014, so am presently awaiting ordination to deaconate and priesthood by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo on behalf of Monsignor Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary, Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

Postulant in the Domestic expression of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, 2013 – 2014; novice Jan 21 – Oct 3, 2014; temporary professed Oct 3, 2014 – (this is a 3 year profession leading to permanent profession). The Brothers and Sisters of Charity are a public association of the faithful unde the (Catholic) Bishop of Little Rock (Arkansas). It is based on Franscican spirituality. Its Founder and General Minister is John Michael Talbot.

Ordained by the Rt. Rev. Robert B. Appleyard as a deacon (June 9; Trinity Episcopal Cathedral) and priest (October 6, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry Chapel) in The Episcopal Church (1979 – 2014). Canonically resident in the Episcopal Dioceses of Pittsburgh until rresignation on February 10, 2014.
Certified as an ordained minister by the Christian Ministers’ Association of BC and Alberta, 1992 – . This is an interdenominational group.
Official worker in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, 1989-1990. This was concomitant with teaching at Canadian Theological Seminary.
Christian (or Plymouth) Brethren commended worker 1971 1976, 1982 1999. The first period was the endorsement as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army, Reserve. Emmanuel Christian Community, Richmond, BC, Canada, was the last commending church. I had been preaching in Plymouth Brethren churches since before Nov 24, 1963 (my first Sunday morning sermon; I had previously preached on Sunday evenings).

Other Professional Activities:
New Testament Editor, Word Biblical Commentary, 2014 – .
Co-chair of The Letters of James, 1 and 2 Peter and Jude Sectionof the Society of Biblical Literature, 2010 – . Member of the steering committee, 2007 – .
Communications officer, Angican Association of Biblical Scholars, 2010 -.
Member of steering committee for “Methodological Reevaluation of the Catholic Epistles Group” of Society of Biblical Literature (2004-2007). Continuing membership when this became the “James, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude Section”. Co-editor of the third volume of essays produced by the group.

Translator of 1 Peter for Common English Bible project.
On the translation review committee of The Voice (a Bible translation), having worked in both Old and New Testaments.
On translation committee of The New Living Translation (Living Bible revision), 1991-. While the actual work on the translation and associated projects ceased for me in 2008, Tyndale Press still gathers the group yearly during the SBL meeting keeping the translators “on hold” for future revision.
Book Review Editor and editorial board member, His Dominion, 1989   1991.
Board member: Kingdom Ministries, 1985 1989. (Inter-denominational renewal organization)
Member of advisory committee for “Hebrews, General and Pastoral Epistles, and Apocalypse Section,” Society of Biblical Literature, 1984 1986, 1993-1996. Chairperson of the section, 1990   1993.
Secretary, Evangelical Theological Society, Canadian Region, 1984 1985.
Board member (i.e. Servants group): The Equippers (tent making and staff ministry training organization for churches run by groups of plural elders), Vancouver, 1984 1989. Teacher in its internship program, 1985 1988.
Board member, Institute for Public Discipleship, Vancouver, B.C., 1983 1986.
Founding editor, The IBR Microcomputer Newsletter (on the use of microcomputers in biblical studies), 1983 1985.
Council Member, Institute for Biblical Research, 1981 1984. Newsletter editor, 1988 1992.
Presenting couple (clergy couple), Episcopal Engaged Encounter, 1982 1983.
Board member, The Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 1980 1981.
Contributing editor, Sojourners magazine (1980 1988).
Contributing editor, Gospel in Context (1978-1980).
Team member, Discipleship Workshops (1977 1979).
Examining Chaplain, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (1979 1982).
Presented papers at meetings of The Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society, The Evangelical Theological Society (both Eastern and Pacific Northwest regions), Society of Biblical Literature, and Colloquium Biblicum Lovienses.
Abstractor for Religious and Theological Abstracts (1975 1985, 1996-2008), abstracting mostly European journals.
Speaker and/or leader of numerous conferences and retreats on topics ranging from biblical interpretation to Christian social concern to Christian spirituality, including renewal seminars in Malaysia in Oct Nov 1987 (along with Dr. John White) and a seminar for pastors in Frankfurt, Germany, as part of “Evangelisation im Kraft des Heiligen Geistes” conference, October, 1987, led by John Wimber. Participated in further seminars in Germany in Hamburg (also with John Wimber), Würzburg and Lüdenscheid (the latter two as the main speaker and team leader) in May, 1992.

Society of Biblical Literature, 1974 .
Institute for Biblical Research, fellow, 1977 .
Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, 1982 .
Catholic Biblical Association, 2014 –
Canadian Evangelical Theological Association, 1992-
Evangelical Theological Society, 1974-1992, 1994-
Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical Research, 1974-1986, 1996-
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für evangelikale Theologe, 1999 –
Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians, 1996 –
Anglican Association of Bibical Scholars , 2009 – .

Scholarly and Professional Publications:
A Biblical Theology of James, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude (BTNT: Zondervan, 2014).
“Are the Others too Other? The Issue of the Others in Jude and 2 Peter” in Eric F. Mason and Troy W. Martin, eds., Reading 1 – 2 Peter and Jude (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2014) 201 – .
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Published Reviews:
Among numerous reviews in a variety of journals (BBR, CBQ, Themelios, JBL, His Dominion, Crux, JETS, Virginia Seminary Quarterly Review, Anglican Theological Review, and others) are:
Anke Inselmann, Die Freude im Lukasevangelium: Ein Beitrag zur psychologischen Exegese. (WUNT 2.322; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2012) in BBR
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Popular Publications:
“Power Ministry and Entry into the Kingdom,“ in Frank DeCenso, ed., Amazed by the Power of God, Volume 1 (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2009).
Rgular word-study column in Equipped 2002 – 2012 (a quarterly German publication).
„Die ‘wahre’ Eschatologie – eine Übersicht.“ Equipped 1:07 (Februar, 2007) 8-9.
„Die letzten Tage.“ Equipped 1:07 (Februar, 2007) 16.
“Gemeinde / Kirche.” Equipped 2:05 (Mai, 2005) 10.
“The Wind and the Fruit Trees.” Vineline (Summer 2004) 2-3. (An overview of Galatians to introduce a series on the fruit of the Spirit)
“Take Care You Do Not Forget the Lord Your God.” Vineline (Fall 2003)
“Why are there so few apprentices?” Planet Vineyard (March, 2003,
“Favour with God and People,” Vineline (Spring 2003) 3-4.
And Judy Davids, „Die Kraft der Vergebung“ Equipped 4:02 (November 2002) 4-7.
“The Importance of Scripture Study for Modern Worship Leaders” Inside Worship 48 (Oct 2002) 8-9.
And Judy Davids, „Was sagt die Bibel zum Thema ‚Frauen in Leiterschaft’,“ Equipped 1:02 (February 2002) 4-7
With Walter Kaiser, F. F. Bruce, Manfred Brauch, Hard Sayings of the Bible (InterVarsity, 1996). [50% of the New Testament half; 30% of the book in total.] and Barrigar, Chris, “Vineyard and the Toronto Blessing – Why All the Fuss?”, Incourage 9 (Spring, 1996) 1-2.
“Haven’t We Seen This Before?”, Incourage 9 (Spring, 1996) 8-9.
“Montanism: What Went Wrong?” Streams of Shiloh 1.2 (Winter, 1996) 12-15.
“Between the Testaments: Filling in the Gap,” Streams of Shiloh 2.9 (1994) 517-520.
“What is Biblical Renewal?” Equipping the Saints (Fall, 1994) 15-18. Reprinted in Good News Magazine (forthcoming, 1995).
“Old and New Testament Prophetic People,” Streams of Shiloh 1.5 (1994) 241-246.
Co-author with Gary Best, Kingdom Ministry One and Kingdom Ministry Two (Langley, BC: Langley Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 1992, 1993), which was expanded and re-edited in 2000 as a course for Vineyard Bible Institute (
“God, Satan, and the Bible,” Equipping the Saints (Winter, 1993) 11-13.
Several articles in The Vine Press (a publication of Langley Vineyard Christian Fellowship).
Responsible for writing parts of and supervising other writers in the production of The Small Group Leader’s Manual (Langley Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 1992).
“Von Wiedenest zu Vineyard,” Charisma 81 (Juli-September, 1992) 8.
More Hard Sayings in the New Testament (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1991). [Later revised and expanded and included in Hard Sayings of the Bible.] “Plurality, Leadership, and Church Growth,” Plowshare (September/October, 1988), pp. 4 8. Reprinted from The Equipping Bulletin.
“Have You Completed Basic Training?” in Equipping the Saints (July/August, 1987), pp. 7, 13.
“John Wimber: Seeking Intimacy with God,” Channels (1986). This is a theological analysis of John Wimber’s teaching written at the request of several pastors in this Presbyterian tradition.
“Peace,” Decision (December, 1982). This article is a series of weekly scripture studies.
“Aufbruch in der jungen Generation” Offene Türen (Nov/Dec, 1975)
Plus a variety of other articles in religious publications (e.g. The Equipping Bulletin, Interest, Offene Turen) in both English and German.

Work in Progress and Research interests:

Work in progress:
1 Corinthians (BTCP series, Broadman and Holman).
An Introduction to the Letter of James (ZINT series, Zondervan)
Main New Testament Research interests:
Catholic Epistles.
The sociology of the New Testament, especially of the paraenetic tradition.
New Testament ethical tradition, particularly the relationship of the Jesus tradition to later ethical traditions, including the Pauline ethical tradition.

Other research interests:
The application of systemic family therapy theory to the church, to Christian spirituality, and to biblical interpretation.
Christian spirituality (including courses taught at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Canadian Theological Seminary, Houston Baptist University, and St. Stephen’s University).

Course taught:
Included are only those courses taught on a seminary/graduate level:
New Testament: Synoptic Gospels, Mark, Matthew, Life and Teaching of Jesus, Johannine Theology, John, Acts and Epistles, Life and Letters of Paul, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Hebrews, General Epistles (James, 1 Peter), also separate courses in James, Petrine Literature, Peter; the Man & the Writings, New Testament Survey, Pauline Theology, Biblical Theology, Ethics in an Apocalyptic Context.
Biblical Interpretation: Hermeneutics, Biblical Exegesis, Homiletics.
Biblical Languages: Greek (basic, intermediate, and advanced) and Hebrew (basic).
Old Testament: Pentateuch, History of Israel, The Writings, Old Testament Theology, Old Testament Survey.
Church History/ Theology: History and theology of the Anabaptist movement, Theology/ Church History overview, taught as a series of themes (Leadership, Baptism, Worship, Church Discipline, etc. as they developed during church history); more recently Biblical Theology (taught in a seminar format from a Kingdom of God perspective)
Spiritual or Ascetic Theology/ Leadership: Formation for Church Leadership; Pastoral Care and Spiritual Formation; Spiritual Formation; History of Christian Spirituality, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare.
Ethics: Marriage and Sex Roles, Church and Society.
Renewal: Church Renewal, Prayer and Revival
Worship: Biblical Perspective on Worship, History of Christian Worship.
Pastoral Leadersip: Formation for Church Leadership (a combination of family systems theory and classic spirituality).

General interests:
As a person I am a devoted Catholic Christian who embraces the richness and wisdom of the roughly 2000 years of the Christian spiritual tradition. In terms of vocation, I enjoyed 34 years as an Episcopal/Anglican priest, building upon previous years as a preacher and chaplain with the Plymouth Brethren, and was and am also happily involved in other Christian traditions as appropriate canonically. I did call myself relatively Anabaptist theologically, but realized that that part of Anabaptism with which I identified came from the Devotio Moderna and the Franciscan Teriaries. I have always been very invested and involved in my local church wherever I was, believing that one cannot be part of the formation of ministers and Christian students without being actively engaged in ministry oneself. I therefore expect that I will eventually be ordained in the Catholic Church.
I am or have been active in several spiritual and renewal movements, including past or present activity in Marriage Encounter, Engaged Encounter, and Cursillo, and also in the International Order of Saint Luke the Physician, in which I was a chaplain. I believe that the best scholarship is generally combined with deep piety and, as appropriate, with community involvement. I also have a deep commitment to my family, which, while grown, still has a high priority in my life.
My basic theological formation took place through encounter with the New Testament, especially the gospels and James, although later I would discover Anabaptist theology, the charismatic renewal and the classic spiritual tradition (all three in a one year period) which would contribute to my ongoing formation. Later I had intensive involve with Catholic theology, building on a foundation that had been laid over the previous 30 plus years, and culminating in my reception into the Catholic Church. In terms of ongoing emotional formation, both Caretakers I and II and the Post-Graduate Seminar in Family Emotional Systems have been very important.
As a teacher I am committed to integrated education and the education of the whole church. By integration I mean the integration of the various theological disciplines and the integration of the whole theological world with praxis, both in ministry and in the world at large. Without such integration learning tends to be compartmentalized and remains unapplied to life and ministry. Furthermore, I believe that the life of the teacher is an integral part of his or her teaching, and that teaching does not end with the end of a course, but that each teacher has certain students that he or she should remain in relationship with long after the course, in some cases for life.

Photography, hiking, cycling, golf and computer science. It have often served as a computer consultant to biblical scholars, pastors and the ministries I have served.

Fr. Charles Hough, IV, Rector, Our Lady of Walsingham Roman Catholic Church, 7809 Shadyvilla Lane, Houston, TX, 77055.
The Rev. Robert Wareing, former rector of All Saints Episcopal Church, Stafford, Texas, +1-281-615-5236.
Prof. Walter Liefeld, 436 N. Crooked Lake Lane, Lindenhurst, IL 60046, USA (312) (Interim president of Tyndale Theological Seminary during the time I have taught there; former professor and pastor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.)
Dr. Robert L. Webb. McMaster Divinity College. Former chair of the SBL section I was involved in, former M.Th. Student at Regent College.
Dr. Murray Gow. Presently a pastor in New Zealand, he was on the faculty of Schloss Mittersill Study Centre.
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