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“When abortion was legalized in Ireland, that was about the saddest day of my priestly life. It felt that we hadn’t just lost the battle, but that we had lost the war. But when I went to the St. Paul Center’s Priest Conference that summer, I was lifted up. I saw how my priesthood, my mission, is rooted in Scripture and the Eucharist. I thought about how much my brother priests back in Ireland needed to hear what I was hearing. And I went back with a clear objective: to open a Eucharistic chapel and start a solid Bible study.

I think this is one of the best investments you could ever make in helping the Church. The St. Paul Center conferences are giving priests very solid Scripture-based doctrine. By investing in this particular event, you’re having an impact in all the parishes we come from, there’s no doubt about that. We have to invest in our priests. We have to encourage them. We have to bring them back to fundamentals: Scripture and the Eucharist. I’d like to thank anyone who’s helped make this possible.”
— Fr. Peter Byrne, Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland

Priests like Fr. Peter Byrne are able to attend our retreats thanks to your generosity. To keep costs as low as possible for our spiritual fathers to benefit from two world-class Priest Conferences, we need to raise $250,000 annually. That's why we're launching our Giving Tuesday campaign. All that we raise will go directly to supporting our Priest Conferences.

Join us in serving and supporting our priests. Make it possible for priests like Fr. Byrne to experience the Scriptural formation and spiritual renewal they so desperately desire.

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