How Does It Work?

The Journey Through Scripture series is presented by people trained through the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology – people just like you.  Presenters need not have a degree in Theology or an advanced level of academic expertise - or even a previous background in the study of Sacred Scripture!  The program is suited to faithful Catholics living an active sacramental life who want to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and are willing to make an effort to study, read, and pray — to enter into the Word of God and share it with their fellow Catholics.

We’ve done the work for you…

We know that the task of putting on a parish Bible study can be daunting. For this reason, the St. Paul Center tries to take as much of the burden off of the presenters as possible. After training, participants receive Presenter’s Notes for each session. This is no mere outline. It is the actual Bible study presentation; word-for-word.

Visually Dynamic

In addition, presenters receive a PowerPoint presentation with the study. The PowerPoint follows along with the live presentation and is displayed at the same time the presenter is speaking. This means students are interacting with a live person accompanied by dynamic visuals.

We also provide student outlines and student notes in a Participant Workbook. The outlines follow right along with the live presentation and the PowerPoint, and the notes are detailed summaries of each session for review.

All Attendees Receive:

  • Presenter’s Notes
  • Participant Workbook
    • with Student Notes
    • and Student Outlines
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Practical Training
  • Ongoing Support from the St. Paul Center

Marketing Help

Our support doesn’t end with just the materials of the study. We have templates for advertising your study as well. Just email us the information and we’ll create bulletin inserts and posters and email them to you.


But that’s not all! We even send out certificates of completion for all of your participants.

We’ll Answer the Tough Questions For You!

Finally, the St. Paul Center offers free ongoing theological support to presenters.  In the months and years after you receive your training, we remain available to help you find answers to the difficult questions that may come up in your study groups. Send us your questions and we’ll get you the answers.

The Journey Through Scripture program makes studying God’s Word exciting, fruitful and simple.

How Do I Get Trained?