The Bible and the Church Fathers

As with our natural families, Christians want to know who has preceded us in our family tree. Who are our forebears, and what did they believe and teach? In The Bible and the Church Fathers, participants will encounter the great teachers of the faith, their writings, their stories (and even their quirks!).
We’ll discuss their times, their culture, and even the heresies and heretics they had to battle.

Not merely a historical overview of the early Church, this study focuses on how the Fathers help us to understand the words of Scripture. 

In fact, Pope Benedict XVI says that the Fathers “are primarily and essentially commentators on sacred Scripture.” (Verbum Domini) Most importantly, the Fathers lead us into the mysteries of the Word of God and serve as examples for how we should live out those mysteries today.

"Your team has put together a priceless tool for the new evangelization."

JTS Participant

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