Yes Scott,

I want to help you give our priests and teachers the formation they need to serve Christ and the faithful well.

Just for responding, I’d like to receive a free CD of Fr. Boniface Hick's talk on St. Joseph.

You can choose one for a donation of $50,  two for $100, or all three for a donation of $250 or more.

Through the Heart of St. Joseph
By Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB
(Paperback, an $18 value)

Though he speaks no words in Scripture, St. Joseph’s message to us is resounding: he wants to lead us to Jesus. In Through the Heart of St. Joseph, Fr. Boniface Hicks reveals the path St. Joseph has laid. Discover how St. Joseph’s vulnerability, littleness, silence, and hiddenness can transform and heal us. Fr. Hicks also looks to the saints who lived the “Joseph Option” to show how we too can embrace a life of humble trust and steadfast courage.


The Decline and Fall of Sacred Scripture: How the Bible Became a Secular Book
By Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker
(hardcover, a $25 value)
Authors Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker trace the various malformations of Scripture scholarship that have led to a devastating loss of trust in the inspired Word of God.From the Reformation to the Enlightenment and beyond, Hahn and Wiker sketch the revolutions and radical figures that led to the emergence of the historical-critical method and the pervasive ill effects that are still being felt today.

What is Redemption? How Christ's Suffering Saves Us
By Philippe de la Trinité
(Hardcover, a $20 value)

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is central to the Catholic Faith. But how does the murder of the eternal Son of God by human beings lead to their redemption, not further damnation? Thank God for What Is Redemption? by Philippe de la Trinité, a classic now back in print. This book shows the many fallacies in the penal substitutionary theory of redemption. But that’s not all. Trinité replaces this mistaken theory with the true Catholic doctrine.


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