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I want to help you rekindle Eucharistic amazement and foster the life of prayer through the St. Paul Center’s life-changing Scripture studies.

Just for responding, I’d like to receive a free copy of Chris Stefanick’s talk on “Living Joy”.

Mystery of the Altar
By Kenneth J. Howell and Joseph Crownwood
(Leatherbound, a $30 Value)

In Mystery of the Altar, Kenneth J. Howell and Joseph Crownwood have brought together the voices of great saints and holy teachers of the past to demonstrate the unwavering faith of the Church in the Real Presence of Christ.

Aligning daily readings with the liturgical calendar, Mystery of the Altar will enlighten and enliven readers as they contemplate the wide-ranging applications of Eucharistic truth to their lives


Living Joy

Living Joy
By  Chris Stefanick
(hardcover, a $23 value)
     Living Joy equips you with the wisdom you need to experience joy to the fullest. With evidence, experience, and common sense, Chris Stefanick presents nine rules that will empower you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from unspeakable joy.

Through the Year with Jesus
By Catherine Bogner
(Hardcover, a $25 value)

     The liturgical year invites us to walk with Jesus through the most wonderful story ever told: the Gospel. In Through the Year with Jesus, catechist and popular blogger Katherine Bogner reveals the rich mystery of the seasons we celebrate in the Church.

With Gospel readings for each week of the liturgical year, along with tools for reflection, discussion, and prayer, Through the Year with Jesus offers endless opportunities for discovering who Jesus is and better understanding Catholic teaching about his life and mission.

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