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Africa and the Early Church book cover

Africa and the Early Church
By Mike Aquilina
(Hardcover, a $23 Value)

It is undeniable that the lands of northern Africa were profoundly influential in the development of early Christianity. The faith arrived early in Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, and other territories. African Christians made decisive contributions in theology, liturgy, biblical studies, and culture. With the Arab invasions of the seventh and eight centuries, much of this history was lost to Europe, though the marks of ancient influence remained. Africa and the Early Church uncovers that lost history for interested modern readers, telling the story as much as possible in the words of the great figures in antiquity


Aquinas on Scripture: A Primer
John F. Boyle
(Hardcover, a $35 Value)

With precision and profundity born of thirty years of devoted study, John Boyle offers an essential introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas on Scripture, shedding helpful light on the goals, methods, and commitments that animate the Angelic Doctor’s engagement with the sacred page. Because the genius of St. Thomas’s approach to the Bible lies not so much in its novelty but rather in the fidelity and clarity with which he recapitulates the riches of the preceding interpretive Tradition, this initiation into St. Thomas’s vision of Scripture is itself an orientation to the Church’s vision of Scripture, from the Fathers through and beyond the Middle Ages.

Mary Mother of All Book

Mary, Mother of All
By Dr. Scott Hahn and Emily Chapman
(Hardcover, an $18 Value)

Bestselling authors Scott Hahn and Emily Stimpson Chapman have teamed together to bring the story of Our Lady’s role in salvation to children of all ages with Mary, Mother of All. With attractive illustrations from Tricia Dugat, Mary, Mother of All begins with the story of creation and the Fall and continues with God’s unfolding plan of salvation. Crucial to this plan is a Mother whose love continues to surround us today.

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