Marian Shrines Pilgrimage

St. Paul Center

June 10-19, 2025
Pilgrimage with 206 Tours

Pilgrimage Information

In a pilgrimage of profound faith and deep reverence, devout souls are beckoned to explore the spiritual tapestry of Portugal and Spain, culminating in the sanctified embrace of Lourdes. Landing in the luminous expanse of Lisbon, pilgrims are swept into a narrative of devotion, with landmarks like St. Jerome’s Monastery and St. Anthony’s Church echoing tales of timeless piety. As the pilgrimage winds through Santarem and the iconic St. Stephens Church, it soon leads to the heart of Fatima, where the legacy of the three shepherd children offers a touchstone of inspiration. Venturing into the soulful terrain of Spain, the journey unveils Salamanca’s ancient academic charm and the hallowed steps of St. Teresa in Avila. Yet, it’s the ethereal embrace of Lourdes, a haven of Marian apparitions, that promises to etch this journey in the heart for eternity. Come, retrace the footprints of saints, and immerse in a voyage that binds the present to the sacred stories of yesteryears.


June 10 - 19, 2025



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