Jesus and the Last Supper

By Brant Pitre
Jesus and the Last Supper

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Who did Jesus of Nazareth claim to be? What was his relationship with early Judaism? When and how did he expect the kingdom to come? What were his intentions? Though these key questions have been addressed in studies of the historical Jesus, Brant Pitre argues that they cannot be fully answered apart from a careful historical analysis of the Last Supper accounts.
In this book Pitre offers a rigorous, up-to-date study of the historical Jesus and the Last Supper, filling a significant gap in current Jesus research. Situating the Last Supper in the triple contexts of ancient Judaism, the life of Jesus, and early Christianity, Pitre brings to light crucial insights into major issues driving the quest for Jesus. His Jesus and the Last Supper is sure to ignite discussion and debate.
About the Author
Dr. Brant Pitre, Professor of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana, received his Ph.D. in New Testament and ancient Judaism from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. He teaches, writes, and gives lectures on the Bible and on the Jewish roots of Christianity. Pitre is the author of Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of the Exile, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, and Jesus and the Last Supper. 

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