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Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

By Dan Burke, Fr. John Bartunek
Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

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While most Catholics desire spiritual growth, many simply don’t know where to begin. Navigating the Interior Life provides ample guidance for sustaining a close, lifelong relationship with God. Authors Dan Burke and Fr. John Bartunek assist the reader in examining their spiritual lives and include much-needed practical advice. Navigating the Interior Life is an irreplaceable resource for all willing to undertake the project of deepened prayer and holiness.
About the Author
Dan Burke is the executive director of EWTN’s National Catholic Register. His award-winning blog, SpiritualDirection.com, has helped hundreds of thousands seeking faithful Catholic spirituality.
“The Lord is clearly calling all Catholics into a deeper union with him. This book, in a style which is both inspiring and practical, provides some of the Church’s most important wisdom about how to respond to this call.”
—Ralph Martin, Ph.D., president, Renewal Ministries and author of The Fulfillment of All Desire
“No one seeks God alone.  Everyone needs help.  The journey, however, need not be a complicated one.  Thanks be to God, you have in your hands a simple handbook for seeking God. It is informative, succinct, logical and balanced . . . a breath of fresh air for lungs who long to breathe the fragrance of God.”
—Sr. Regina Marie Gorman, O.C.D., Vicar General, Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles
“Dan Burke’s Navigating the Interior Life gives very practical advice not only on how to find a good spiritual director, but also how best to access the wealth of resources in our Catholic tradition that can assist in developing our friendship with Jesus and growing in virtue.”
—Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
“As a spiritual director, I’m thrilled that Dan Burke has written this book! It offers an honest, straightforward, and realistic presentation of how to grow in the interior life, and is sure to be of benefit to both spiritual directors and those seeking spiritual direction.”
—Very Rev. Donald Calloway, M.I.C., S.T.L.
“Navigating the Interior Life is the book that the modern Church has been waiting for. Dan Burke combines fascinating spiritual insights with concrete, practical tips that will bring real transformation to your life, starting now.”
—Jennifer Fulwiler, Author, writer for National Catholic Register, and Blogger, Conversion Diary
“Dan Burke’s phenomenal work lays the foundation for any person’s true and substantive turning toward a life of faith and real relationship with Jesus Christ. Along with the helpful and concise information on creating, nurturing, and sustaining effective spiritual direction relationships, the book dives even more deeply into how to live a true life of virtue.”
—Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and Author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms
“Burke’s book provides a step-by-step plan for those who may be seeking spiritual direction for the first time as well as those hoping to dive much deeper into their relationship with the Lord and his Church.”
—Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Catholic Radio Host, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker
“A must read for all sincere God-seekers—one of the most unique and comprehensive guides to the spiritual life I’ve seen. In Navigating the Spiritual Life, author Dan Burke provides an unambiguous compass to the life-giving water we are all thirsting for.”
—Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, EWTN Host, Speaker, and Author

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