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Formed in Christ Complete Set

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If you’ve ever wanted an easy-to-understand, orthodox overview of teachings that every Catholic should know, the Formed in Christ series offers just that.

Each book in the series can be read individually for an in-depth introduction to a range of topics, from the sacraments to morality to Christology. But what makes this series particularly exciting is its design for a systematic introduction to the key teachings of the Catholic Church. Reading the entire study from start to finish won’t just fill in the gaps of your high school religion classes—it will give you the kind of foundation you would get from a college degree in theology.

In addition to your own personal study, these are ideal for high school and religious education, as well as for any Catholic looking to deepen their own understanding of the faith. The six volumes in the Formed in Christ series cover every point in the USCCB’s guidelines for high school catechesis and are ready to be implemented in full in any Catholic high school.

Whether you’re an armchair theologian wanting to fill in the gaps of your religious education or an educator who wants to implement a rigorous and orthodox curriculum, you’ll find your answer in the Formed in Christ series.

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