Parousia: The Bible and the Mass Study Guide

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Where do we find the Mass in the Bible? What is the relationship between the two? In ten beautifully produced lessons, Parousia: The Bible and the Mass answers these questions and more.

In the latest video Bible study from the St. Paul Center, discover why the liturgy is a major theme that runs through the entire Bible, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. We will not only look to the Law, the Prophets, and life and teachings of Jesus, we’ll also lean on the Doctors of the Church to enhance our understanding of the Mass. We’ll see how the New Testament is concealed in the Old,  the Old is revealed in the New, and why both point directly to the Mass, the sign of the New Covenant.

Join host Scott Hahn to uncover how and why all of God’s action, in creation and redemption, is ordered to the Mass.

This full-color study guide will inspire you with its beautiful imagery and life-changing message. Enter more fully into the study with saint quotes on the Eucharist, review notes, reflection questions, additional Scripture readings and practical tips to delve deeper into the Mass. You’ll want to revisit it again and again.

International customers: Because shipping internationally can be cost-prohibitive, we have made a PDF version of the book available to customers outside the United States. Click here to learn more.

Product Details


Customer Reviews

4.93 out of 5 based on 15 customer ratings
  1. , posted

    Estoy siguiendo el curso desde Japón, en mi caso lo sigo gracias a los subtítulos en español ya que mi nivel de inglés no es muy alto.
    ¿Es posible adquirir el documento en español?

    Muchas gracias por su actividad y por su fidelidad al Señor.
    Recientemente he podido leer el libro “Roma dulce hogar” y me he conmovido y emocionado muchísimo.
    Dios les bendiga siempre.

  2. , posted

    Thank you so much for your Lenten video I am a avid reader of your books Scott.. I can see and feel the Spirit coming through you .. may Our Lord keep blessing you and your family… thank you so much..

  3. , posted

    Excellent presentation. Thank you God bless Dr. Scott in his work of evangelisation.

  4. , posted

    Very rich in-depth study of the Holy Sacrifice. Thank you for putting this together – the end credits are an indications of how massive this effort is. I can’t wait to view the rest and then conduct a The Mass/Bible Study in my parish.

  5. , posted

    Thank you so much for comi g up with this it so muxh and appreciates my Catholic faith more.

  6. , posted

    I want to order the study guide digitally also. Would it be available to state side participants also. Thank you.

    • , posted

      Sorry, at this time, we are only making it available outside the U.S. due to the time and expense of international shipping, but I will pass on your request to our director of lay programs.

  7. , posted

    thank you for the opportunity to join for free this study. I envisage it will help us have a greater understanding of the Mass and so love it more!

    It will be good to have the study guide but think too expensive for overseas participant like myself and you may not even ship overseas. But grateful to know a digital version is available soon. Looking forward to that.

    Blessings to all of you at St Paul Center and all participants.

    • , posted

      The digital version is now available for international customers here.

  8. , posted

    We want to make this available to a lot of people in different parts of the world. Please ensure that the digital version of the study guide is available so that those of us outside the US can access it.

    • , posted

      The digital version is now available for international customers here.

  9. , posted

    I am not yet in a position to rate Parousia but i can give an excellent rating to earlier studies. I need a copy of the Study Guide for Parousia but I live in Jamaica, West Indies. Is it available digitally as last year?

    • , posted

      A digital version of the study guide for international customers will be available soon.

      • , posted

        The digital version is now available for international customers here.

  10. , posted

    I’ve been reading the books by Scott. They have become my study books as well as they are rooted in the Word of God.

    Looking forward to the new episodes during the Holy Season of Lent.

  11. , posted

    Thank you for teaching me to love my faith. Please translate to spanish this study.
    Greetings from El Salvador C.A

  12. , posted

    Thank you to the St Paul Center for this project. I’m looking forward for the study.

  13. , posted

    You have been a blessing to my catholic faith.
    I thank God for coming across your teachings.I was born in the catholic faith but all of a sudden I found my self doubting if it was the correct religion.
    I blame listening to a Christian radio station for my doubts, they can be very convincing.
    But thank God that I came across your teaching and now I feel that my faith has grown and I understand it much better.
    I thank God and you for strengthening and understanding my catholic faith.
    All of your material is absolutely amazing.
    Thank you!

  14. , posted

    Love Scott & Kimberly Hahn. They are such a blessing to our Catholic Faith.

  15. , posted