Fr. Damasus’s way of writing about the Scriptures is nothing else than the traditional monastic way of “meditation”: . . . careful study of the literal sense, the discovery therein of a content hidden because spiritual, and the desire of accomplishing it. . . . Throughout this book one will find this way of reading the Bible in the light of the fathers in the liturgy, without neglecting history and all that provides a solid basis for an objective spiritual interpretation.

Fr. Damasus Winzen, O.S.B. (1901–1971), was a German biblical scholar and Benedictine monk. In 1951 he founded Mount Savior Monastery near Elmira, New York.

“Fr. Damasus Winzen has provided for the hungry student of Scripture an accessible approach to making God’s Word understandable, personal, and doable. I appreciate his efforts to prepare the reader on how to receive all that God has in store for them. A great book for every Catholic’s library!”
Jeff Cavins, Founder of The Great Adventure Study Program and Host of the Jeff Cavins Show

“Fr. Damasus Winzen was a rare biblical scholar for his time, capable of profound literal-historical study, yet also able to expound the spiritual sense of the Scriptures. . . . For him—for the Church—and for every Catholic, the Scripture must be a liturgical reality, a historical reality, a spiritual reality, and a personal encounter.”
From the Foreword by Scott Hahn

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Pathways in Scripture: A Book-by-Book Guide to the Spiritual Riches of the Bible (Pre-Order)