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Set of 10 Faith Basics: Pocket Catholic Dictionary

By Leon J. Suprenant
Set of 10 Faith Basics: Pocket Catholic Dictionary


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Part of The Faith Basics series, this Pocket Catholic Dictionary takes you on a brief tour through the rich language of the Catholic Church. It will build your word knowledge and help you to become literate in your faith. You’ll discover the power of the Church’s words and be able to communicate competently with a vigorous vocabulary. Isn’t that what language is all about?
About the Series
The Faith Basics series is about living life well. The booklets cover those topics of the Faith that most directly relate to the practical Catholic. Written for the person spread a bit too thin, the booklets are easily readable, coving the fundamentals in few words, while both informing and inspiring busy people to understand and live the Faith. Their convenient size makes them readily portable by purse or pocket. They are economically priced—ideal for distribution in evangelization efforts, RCIA classes, study groups, and outreach programs.

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SKU: A0037SET Categories: , , ,

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