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The Eucharist in Scripture Complete Package for Parishes (Promise and Fulfillment)

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The Eucharist in Scripture Complete Package for Parishes has everything you need to effectively lead this six-lesson DVD study based on the work of Scott Hahn. This package is ideal for parishes Bible Study groups.

In The Eucharist in Scripture, you’ll discover God’s plan as it is expressed through the Bible and the liturgy. Unlock the meaning of covenant, sacrifice, and sacrament as understood in the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation.

The Eucharist in Scripture Complete Package for Parishes provides the three-DVD study, featuring “The Lamb’s Supper,” “The Fourth Cup,” and “Consuming the Word.” The full-color Leader Guide provides opening and closing prayers, introductions and conclusions, discussion questions, answers to review questions, reflections, and everything else you need to guide participants through this study. The three bestselling books by Scott Hahn that The Eucharist in Scripture is based on are also included in this package.


The Eucharist in Scripture Complete Package for Parishes includes:

  • The Eucharist in Scripture DVDs
  • Leader Guide
  • The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn
  • The Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn
  • Consuming the Word by Scott Hahn
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Customer Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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    What a fantastic and Divinely timed follow-up program! Last Christmas our parish (Tiffin,OH St. Joseph) offered the Scott Hahn book “Rome Sweet Home”, which became our MOST successful Christmas book offering ever! And now we get to cultivate, elevate and invigorate that huge outpouring of interest with this incredibly rich “The Eucharist in Scripture Complete Package for Parishes”. Showing the history, life and truth of our Liturgy of the Eucharist through Old and New Testament scriptures Dr. Hahn simply and thoroughly communicates all things Communion through his works “Consuming the Word”, “The Fourth Cup” and “The Lamb’s Supper” and beautifully visually rich DVD’s. Can’t wait to purchase and share these with our parish! What an exciting time to be Catholic and walking the path of Truth and Everlasting Life!!