Spring 2020

Yes Scott,

I want to help you reawaken faith in the Eucharist by supporting the Real Presence Project.

Just for responding, please send me a copy of your talk: "An Overview of the Gospel of Matthew."

You can choose one for a donation of $50,  two for $100, or all three for a donation of $250 or more.

And make sure to explore all the resources available to you on the Quarantined Catholic Hub.

Personal Prayer
By Fr. Thomas Acklin & Fr. Boniface Hicks
(hardcover, a $28 value)

Prayer is at the heart of the Christian life. Given that we are weak and even sinful human beings, how can it be that God has anything to do with us? What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God? Why is God so silent and hidden? How do we grow in prayer?

Personal Prayer: A Guide for Receiving the Father’s Love brings the depth of human experience together with the Catholic tradition of prayer to present the path to an intimate and vulnerable relationship with God.


Can You Trust the Bible?
By Dr. Scott Hahn
(CD-Set, a $30 value)
Many people today, including many in the Church, are confused about the Catholic teaching concerning the Bible. Does the Church still believe that the Scriptures are a faithful record of revealed truth? Or are they better described as human accounts of thought and experience of the divine, necessarily limited and mixed with errors? Are the Gospels historically accurate accounts by eyewitnesses of Jesus or merely the contemporary theology of later generations of Christians? In short, can you trust the Bible?


St. Conrad and the Wildfire

By Maura Roan McKeegan
(hardcover, an $18 value)

Conrad of Piacenza was a nobleman, living in a medieval castle in Italy. One day, he went out hunting with his servants, and a fire broke out in the forest. What happened next would change his life forever.

In St. Conrad and the Wildfire, children of all ages will discover the power of truth and forgiveness. Introduce children to St. Conrad through Maura Roan McKeegan’s moving retelling and Patty Borgman’s magnificent illustrations that bring the saint to life

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