Stephen and Janet Ray

Steve and Janet Ray are the writers, producers and hosts of the Footprints of God video series. Steve is the author of three best selling books with Ignatius Press. Steve also speaks around the world and is a guest on many radio and television programs.

They started visiting Europe to research their Christian heritage in 1982 and even smuggled Bibles, money and medicine behind the Iron Curtain, before the Wall fell down.

As Evangelical Protestants they studied in Switzerland with Dr. Francis Schaeffer and spent a year touring and discovering the European roots of Western Civilization and the Christian faith. Two years later they again drove through 14 countries in Europe learning and exploring.

They began research and exploration in the Middle East starting with their conversion to the Catholic Church in 1994. Since then they have visited the Middle East and Europe over 50 times exploring, writing and filming in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, France, and Italy.

So far they have completed seven of a projected ten-part documentary series: Moses, David/Solomon, Mary, Jesus, Peter, Paul and Apostolic Fathers. They are currently working on Abraham.

Steve and Janet are both Certified Guides to the Holy Sites in Israel (see picture of their guide badges).

Steve and Janet now operational partners with John Hale at Corporate Travel to arrange and guide pilgrimages in many lands.

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