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Calming the Storm

Calming the Storm
By Fr. Gerald E. Murray
(Hardcover, a $29 Value)

Today, the Catholic Church is dealing with many complex problems that often leave the faithful confused about the authentic interpretation of Catholic teaching. In this text, experienced Vatican journalist Diane Montagna conducts a wide-ranging and trenchant interview with Fr. Gerald E. Murray that examines the root causes of and potential solutions to the many challenges the Church faces today.

Speaking for the Unborn full cover_10-21-2021

Speaking for the Unborn
By Steven A. Christie, M.D., J.D.
(Paperback, a $15 Value)

The Pro-Life cause is a winning one, and Pro-Life advocates must be able to articulate our powerful and persuasive reasons to anyone who asks. Speaking for the Unborn: 30-Second Pro-Life Rebuttals to Pro-Choice Arguments is designed to make sure Pro-Life advocates are fully prepared for this great challenge. It presents the best rebuttals to every Pro-Choice argument made in support of abortion—rebuttals based on science, the law, reason, social justice, and morality.

How Christ Saves Souls—with Us: The Mystery of Co-Redemption

How Christ Saves Souls-with Us
By Fr. Michael Giesler
(Paperback, a 16 Value)

There is an important truth too many Christians don’t know: we are called to actively participate in the redemption Christ won for us on the Cross. This is at once simple and complex—how can we be co-redeemers? With a clear and lively style, this text calls the everyday Catholic to embrace their role as a partaker in Christ’s redeeming grace. Fr. Giesler uses sound theological and scriptural backing to illustrate, in practical terms, how each of us can truly be another Christ, Christ Himself (ipse Christus), in our words and actions.

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