Being Good: Thomas Aquinas and Dionysian Causal Predication

Nova et Vetera, Spring 2009 (Vol. 7, No. 2)

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Spring 2009 Vol. 7, No. 2

ISSN 1542-7315

The Audacity of Abortion – Matthew Levering & Peter J. Leithart
Law, Pinckaers, and the Definition of Christian Ethics – John A. Cuddeback
Natural Law as Inclination to God – Fulvio Di Blasi
The Metaethical Inclusiveness of Natural Law Theory – James M. Jacobs
From Correlation to Assimilation: A New Model for the Church-Culture Dialogue – Robert Barron
Imago Repræsentativa Passionis Christi: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Essence of the Sacrifice of the Mass – Stespán Martin Filip, O.P.
Being Good: Thomas Aquinas and Dionysian Causal Predication – Aaron Riches
Quasi in Figura: A Brief Reflection on Jewish Election, after Thomas Aquinas – Bruce D. Marshall
The Election of Israel Today: Supersessionism, Post-supersessionism, and Fulfillment – Emmanuel Perrier, O.P.
Quasi in Figura: A Cosmological Reading of the Thomistic Phrase – Trent Pomplun
Postscript and Prospect – Bruce D. Marshall

Book Reviews
The Spirit of Celibacy by Johann Adam Möhler, translated by Cyprian Blamires, edited by Dieter Hattrup and Emery de Gaal – Grant Kaplan
History and Spirit:The Understanding of Scripture according to Origen by Henri de Lubac, translated by Anne Englund Nash with Greek and Latin translation by Juvenal Merriell of the Oratory – Thomas P. Scheck
Magisterium:Teacher and Guardian of the Faith by Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. – Lawrence J. Welch
Form and Being: Studies in Thomistic Metaphysics by Lawrence Dewan, O.P. – J.L.A. West

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