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St. Paul Center For Biblical Theology

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Advancing the Mission:
St. Paul Center Headquarters

Building Front
  1. Provides a long-term home for the Center
  2. Meets the needs for future growth
  3. Helps effectively import and export content and engage the digital age
  4. Leverages the Center’s proximity to Franciscan University, host to the largest Theology and Catechetics program in America as well as tens of thousands of annual visitors


Enables the Center to deliver on-site training of our Church’s leaders simultaneously streamed to audiences all over the world, including year-round conferences and seminars for deacons, seminarians, priests, and lay leaders. This is in addition to continually expanding our off-site Priest Conferences which have grown to three times a year.



As Emmaus Road Publishing continues to grow in revenue and offer more support to the Center, a space that acts as both a powerful display of our work and a physical retail space is critical to promote the press and increase revenue.


Emmaus Road Publishing and our digital subscription service will dramatically increase our revenue in the coming years, making a new space for content creation and hosting authors a necessity. A new studio—the size of our entire current building—makes our digital outreach possible.


Naming Opportunities

We’re excited to honor and recognize your support and generosity. The needs outlined below provide naming opportunities that will be visible signs to encourage others to support our outreach and enable us to memorialize any loved ones.

Sponsor Level Designated Area
$5M Name on Building
$2.5M Reception / Lobby
$1.5M Auditorium / Chapel
$1M Video Studio
$1M Lounge
$500,000 Gift Shop
$500,000 Library
$500,000 The Tower Room
$500,000 Outdoor Patio
$250,000 Roof Deck
$250,000 Production Suite
$250,000 Second Floor
$250,000 Relics Prayer Room
$250,000 Staff Meeting Room
Sponsor Level Designated Area
$100,000 St. Paul's Cafe
$100,000 Broadcast Room
$100,000 Control Room
$100,000 Hanging Pendant Fixture
$100,000 Catering Kitchen
$100,000 Stained Glass Window
$100,000 Stained Glass Window
$20,000 Individual Office
$20,000 Small First Floor Conference
$20,000 Stained Glass Light at Lobby
$20,000 Wellness Room
$20,000 Studio Lounge
$1,000 Seat in Auditorium

The Impact of St. Paul Center Priest Conferences

What Your Gift Can Do


Underwrite the cost of one of our three game-changing Priest Conferences to make it affordable for all priests to attend.


Help us build an online resource hub for priests including homiletics, spiritual formation, and practical formation.


Sponsor one day of our Priest Conferences and impact over 200 priests.


Help us equip our new studio with the best technology to enable us to reach more people through our digital outreaches.


Sponsor an audio series on our new platform.


Sponsor the translation of the Ecclesiology of Charles Cardinal Journet—the most significant doctrine of the Church in modern times from one of the most renowned thomists of the twentieth century.


Help us publish a new academic textbook for seminaries and seminarians enabling them to have solid orthodox resources in their classes.

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