Aquinas Institute

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Since 2008, the Aquinas Institute’s team of world-class scholars has undertaken the task of translating and publishing all the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas—many of which have never been translated into English. Today, they continue their mission to form and empower students of all ages through live online courses, inspiring students around the world to engage with the most influential writings in history.

In collaboration with Emmaus Academic, the Aquinas Institute is able to accomplish a vital project: bringing ancient wisdom into modern critical dialogue.

Every Latin-English volume produced by the Aquinas Institute, including the full Summa Theologiae, is imitation leather bound and beautifully designed to last for generations. The Latin-English format makes the work of St. Thomas Aquinas more accessible to a broader audience than ever before.

Summa Theologiae

The most important work of the towering intellectual of the Middle Ages, the Summa Theologiae remains one of the seminal works of philosophy and theology.

Scriptural Commentaries

Though often negletected by modern scholarship, St. Thomas's scriptural commentaries are increasingly recognized as central to understanding the rich biblical foundation of his theology.

Other Works

The Aquinas Institute's Omnia Opera project encompasses St. Thomas's many other works as well, beginning with his Commentary on the Sentences and Opuscula.