A New Series for Systematic Study of the Faith


The St. Paul Center and Emmaus Road Publishing are proud to announce the launch of the Formed in Christ series of faith formation texts. 

The Formed in Christ series takes a different approach to faith formation. Rather than presenting religion as any other subject to be mastered, our series editors have designed each text to plumb the bottomless genius of Catholicism found in centuries of theologians, saints, councils, and papal teachings. It may seem innovative, but really we’re trying to get back to the way religion has always been studied—holistically, not just as a subject, but as an encounter with truth.  

Each book in the series can be read individually for an in-depth introduction to a range of topics, from the sacraments to morality to Christology. But what makes this series particularly exciting is its design for a systematic introduction to the key teachings of the Catholic Church. If you’ve ever wanted an easy-to-understand orthodox overview of teachings that every Catholic should know, the Formed in Christ series offers just that. Reading the entire study from start to finish won’t just fill in the gaps of your high school religion classes—it will give you the kind of foundation you would get from a college degree in theology.

Pioneered by Dr. Andrew Willard Jones and edited by award-winning author Emily Stimpson Chapman, the Formed in Christ series is designed not only to provide strong, orthodox, and mature education in the faith, but also to offer authentic Christian formation for Catholics seeking to engage their faith on a deeper level.

As St. Pope John Paul II made clear in his apostolic exhortation Catechesi Tradendae, “The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ.”  

Dr. Jones explains, “Readers will encounter the Scripture, the Catechism, the Doctors of the Church. They will be initiated into the great discussion that is our tradition. These readings, however, are situated always within commentary that is both approachable and challenging.”   

This is the way the faith has always been passed down—as living and effective truth that shapes our history and our entire lives.  

In addition to your own personal study, these are ideal for high school curriculum and religious education, as well as for any Catholic looking to deepen their own understanding of the faith. The six volumes in the Formed in Christ series cover every point in the USCCB’s guidelines for high school catechesis and are ready to be implemented in full in any Catholic high school.

We’re proud to offer these texts as an option for all educators who want to give their students the best faith formation possible. All six core texts are available now at StPaulCenter.com and five more volumes are forthcoming, with plans to be published this year. These books will cover the elective courses suggested by the USCCB. With all eleven books, Catholic educators, including home schooling families, will finally have an excellently designed, orthodox resource to pass on the faith.