A Gentle Reign

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Suffering without love is unendurable. But love without suffering is impossible. Jesus shows us this in his total self-gift to us: in his Passion and death, and in the institution of the Eucharist. In this episode, Scott Hahn reflects on how we’re called to follow Jesus’ model of love.

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Special thanks to the Franciscan University Conference Office. This episode’s featured audio comes from a past Defending the Faith Conference. To learn more about upcoming conferences, visit SteubenvilleConferences.com/Adult.

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The Gospel of Matthew is sometimes called the Gospel of the Kingdom because of its focus on the kingdom. Learn more in “Proclaiming the Kingdom: The Gospel of Matthew,” a free online Bible study by the St. Paul Center.

For more on the Eucharist as the manifested kingdom of God, read “Victim and Priest: Christ’s Sacrifice in the Eucharist” by Lawrence Feingold on the St. Center’s blog.

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