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Christmas with Kimberly Hahn

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About this Episode 

Join Kimberly Hahn for a special Christmas episode of The Road to Emmaus! Celebrate the Incarnation with reflections on family traditions, the Holy Family, Nativity scenes, and how to enter more deeply into the Christmas season.  

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The Bible and the Church Fathers is here! This isn’t your typical Bible study—it will teach you how the Bible took form, give you powerful tools for reading Sacred Scripture, and show you how Scripture’s relationship to Tradition has shaped our life in Christ today, especially through the Sacraments. 

With Christ’s birth, we receive the long-awaited Messiah. He ushers in the Kingdom of God on earth. Learn more about Christ’s kingship in this free online Bible study, “He Must Reign: The Kingdom of God in Scripture.” 

Know anyone who would be interested in learning more about the Church? Share the Formed in Christ series of faith formation texts, or read them yourself for an overview of the fundamentals of the faith! 

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