Epistle of Joy, Apostle of Joy

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The Greek terms for “joy” and “rejoice” appear in St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians more than you’ll find in any of his other epistles. On this episode, Scott Hahn unpacks the “Epistle of Joy.” He’ll recount how Jesus’ humble sacrifice and unity with the Father brought about salvation—and eternal joy—to mankind.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to the Franciscan University Conference Office. This episode’s featured audio comes from a past Applied Biblical Study Conference. To learn more about upcoming conferences, visit SteubenvilleConferences.com/Events/Abs/.

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Curtis Mitch, co-editor of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, explains why Jesus had to die for our sins in “Love Extravagant: Jesus on the Cross” on the St. Paul Center blog.

For an in-depth study on Philippians and other letters by St. Paul, see St. Thomas Aquinas’ commentary.

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