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**Bonus Episode** Ted Sri on the Gospel of Matthew

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About this Episode 

At the end of November, the Church will move into a new liturgical year. Each Sunday of the coming year, she’ll draw our attention to the Gospel of Matthew. But what about the other days of the week? How can Catholics read the Bible along with the Church? On this bonus episode, popular author and speaker Edward Sri gives an introduction to the key points of Matthew’s Gospel: Jesus as Emmanuel, God with us, eternal King.  

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Make a commitment to study the Bible with the Church this year. Edward Sri uses his expertise on Matthew’s Gospel to offer an engaging Bible study in his newly released God with Us: Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew 

Another book that will help you key into the lectionary is Leroy Huizenga’s Behold the Christ: Proclaiming the Gospel of Matthew. This also makes the perfect Christmas gift for homilists!  

The Gospel of Matthew ends with “the Great Commission.” In this free article, Stacy Mitch explores how each of us is called to evangelize, no matter our place in life.  

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