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Jonathan Roumie from The Chosen joins Scott Hahn to talk about what it’s like to play Jesus on TV, how his Catholic faith influences his work, and the role of Scripture in the show. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, get an inside look at how God has worked in Jonathan’s life and through The Chosen 

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On Wednesday, September 30, join Scott Hahn and Jonathan Roumie for a day of prayer. We’ll be praying for your intentions, our mission, the Church and the world. Sign up for free! 

It’s difficult to see at times, but God always has a plan for our lives. Read more in this blog post by Amy Smith, associate editor of the National Catholic Register 

As you hear on today’s episode, the devil is out to divide us and attack the faith. Uncover the lies of the devil and learn how to overcome this attack in Ralph Martin’s A Church in Crisis 

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