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Misconceptions Surrounding the Second Vatican Council

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Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine discuss the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council by many who misunderstand it as a “Liberal Council.” In a thought-provoking discussion on the 60th anniversary of Lumen Gentium, a significant document from the Second Vatican Council, the episode addresses the polarization within the Church, dissecting differing views on the council’s revolutionary or problematic nature.

Dr. Hahn draws parallels to marital strife, cautioning against weaponizing the council’s teachings in a tug of war between progressives and traditionalists. Through personal anecdotes and theological insights, Scott and Rob provide an independent perspective, encouraging listeners to reevaluate Vatican II within a broader context. Join this enlightening conversation as they unravel misconceptions and foster a thoughtful exploration of this pivotal moment in Catholic Church history.

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