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The Art of Friendship

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We can’t have deep and loving relationships with our family and friends unless we first have a deep and loving relationship with Jesus. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Dr. Hahn is joined by his wife Kimberly. Together, they share their personal stories of the importance of living God’s love out in friendship.  

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Discover what the call to friendship means in the ultimate friendship: our relationship with Christ. Learn more in The Adventure of Discipleship by Daniel Keating. 

Grace from the sacraments is essential in living out all our relationships with love. Scott and Kimberly Hahn help connect the sacraments to our daily relationships in “Signs of the Covenant: Transforming Lives and Renewing Relationship,” a free online Bible study. 

Do we need friends? As Christians, we know that we were built for community and that we need friendships to bring us to Christ. Learn more in this free blog post by Daniel Keating.  

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