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The Coming of Advent

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We tend to glamorize the Nativity by portraying the manger scene with a rosy glow, but contemplating what the Holy Family faced in order to keep the Christ Child safe helps us remember how incredible Christmas truly is. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Scott Hahn suggests taking a new look at Christmas in order to enter into Advent more deeply.  

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The Bible readings during Advent direct our hearts and minds toward the coming of Christ. Read the Bible with the Church and make Scripture part of our daily lives with two new books from Emmaus Road: God with Us: Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew by Edward Sri and Behold the Christ: Proclaiming the Gospel of Matthew by Leroy Huizenga.  

Making an Advent retreat doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Register for our online speaker series, Getting to the Heart of Advent, to make a personal retreat with today’s top theologians, all on your own time.  

Prepare for the coming of the Lord and contemplate His plan for your life with Regis Flaherty’s Jesus Is the Gift: The Spirituality of Advent & Christmas 

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