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The Future of Our Church and Society with Special Guest Brandon McGinley

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We’ve been taught by the world to think of religion as a personal choice. All religions are equal. They have no claim on our public life. In this episode, Scott Hahn and his co-author Brandon McGinley debunk this view to show that religion is much more than opinion. In fact, they argue that the very future of our Church and civilization depend on reclaiming the true meaning of religion.  

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Want to learn more? Get your copy of Scott Hahn and Brandon McGinley’s It Is Right and Just 

What does religion have to do with politics? Scott Hahn and Brandon McGinley explain in this blog.  

Our Church is in crisis, but there is hope. In A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward, Ralph Martin uncovers the forces at work against the Church and offers hope to the faithful within the Body of Christ.  

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