Bible and the Sacraments in Toledo

They say the third time is the charm. But that isn’t the reason Rob and I made trip number three to the Diocese of Toledo in just one year. We went to offer presenter training for the Bible and the Sacraments, the third study in the Journey Through Scripture parish-based Bible study program.


Once again, it was a great day. We spent it studying the origin, meaning, and mysteries of the sacraments of grace. At the end of the day it was truly gratifying to see everyone just as excited as they were when we made our first trip to do Genesis to Jesus earlier this year.  Some of the comments this time included:
  • “Great job. Looking forward to the next one.”
  • “(You opened) my eyes to the influence of Scripture on our sacraments. We are fortunate to have these gifts.”
  • “The clarity and simplicity of offering this presentation to others.”
  • “Every Catholic – especially lukewarm Catholics – need to ‘enjoy’ these classes. They will have a new outlook.”
  • “All the information is laid out so easy for us to give to our own parishes”
Of course, it’s exciting for us as well because we love to equip our fellow Catholics with the materials and training to share the Good News of our faith. In fact, it’s all so exciting that we’ll be back again next year. On March 20, 2010, we’ll be offering presenter training for the newest of the studies in the Journey Through Scripture program – The Bible and the Virgin Mary.


“Incredible Day
– Perfect!”

~ Toledo Participant
And if they keep inviting us back after that I’m going to have to start looking for property there! Its several hours away, but I almost know the drive by heart now. Speaking of hearts, the people in east Ohio have huge ones. As always, the folks at Domus Angelorum did all the heavy lifting. Terri, Joe, Marilyn, Jackie, Bob, and Fr. Scherger have become like family to us. Thanks so much for your hard work and support. We’ll see you in March!