Don’t Forget to Celebrate

By Ken Baldwin

Ken Baldwin is the executive director of the St. Paul Center. 

Today we celebrate the special feast of my patron St. Patrick. As we reflect today on the many blessings in our lives, I'm especially grateful for my Irish heritage. It was my Irish Catholic grandmother who brought the Catholic faith to my paternal side of the family. Without her tradition of faith, I probably would not be Catholic today.

Be assured of our prayers today for you. Like St. Patrick helped catechize and inspire so many, our team at the St. Paul Center is working double time to help share the beauty of our faith and evoke a deeper love of Jesus Christ through Scripture.

The St. Paul Center is able to share our groundbreaking studies to you in the convenience of your home. If you're a quarantined Catholic like me, and you're looking for amazing Catholic content, please explore all our studies today.

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